Motors and controls



Stepper and SRM

Image processing

Ethernet camera ,Scanning camera

3D Imaging system.

Embedded products:

Class-D Public address amplifier, audio visual, sinewave inverter.

Electro mechanical

Flying car/UAV/VTOL Toy, Electric bike,

Submersible pump

Vibration system

DSP based vibration controller with class D amplifier.

Research on gravity


Paper published in "Gravitation & Cosmology" proceedings,ICGA-5, 2001 .





Universal Embedded Controller


Multi-Purpose DSP Processor for Motor/ Non-Motor Applications



SKD continues to be strategic partners to Analog Devices Inc. since past 8 years. SKD has been giving support to ADI clients like SHARP (Japan) for Refrigerators, Frigdaire (USA) for Washing Machines and Huening (China) for Air Conditioners and Electric Bikes.

Over a 1 Million household appliances in the globe are using SKD Embedded Control Software in the territories of USA, Japan and China.

Support : SKD would extend all possible support to new clients to build their Motor Control Applications on the SKD-1F Processor at unbelievable prices.

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