Motors and controls



Stepper and SRM

Image processing

Ethernet camera ,Scanning camera

3D Imaging system.

Embedded products:

Class-D Public address amplifier, audio visual, sinewave inverter.

Electro mechanical

Flying car/UAV/VTOL Toy, Electric bike,

Submersible pump

Vibration system

DSP based vibration controller with class D amplifier.

Research on gravity


Paper published in "Gravitation & Cosmology" proceedings,ICGA-5, 2001 .





Universal Embedded Controller


Multi-Purpose DSP Processor for Motor/ Non-Motor Applications



Motors which can be run using SKD-1F :

bullet Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors - Single Sensor
bullet Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors - Sensorless
bullet Brush Less DC Motor - Three Sensors
bullet AC Induction Motor - Tacho
bullet AC Induction Motor - Tacholess
bullet Switched Reluctance Motor
bullet Stepper Motor

Motors Control Applications :

bullet Electronic Submersible Pumps
bullet Air Blowers
bullet Electric Vehicles
bullet Domestic Fan Control
bullet Compression Control
bullet Automatic Rolling Shutters
bullet House Windmills
bullet Simultaneous Control of 3 independent DC motors
bullet Servo Applications

Non-Motors Applications :

bullet Uninterrupted Power Supply/ Inverter
bullet Switching Mode Power Supply
bullet Low speed (1M samples/ s) Storage Scoper
bullet Power Analyzer
bullet Poly-Phase Energy Measurement
bullet Audio-Servo Control (e.g. Musical Fountain etc.).



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