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  Tracking Camera
(Under Development at SK Dynamics, India)


The basic operation requires that the camera should follow an object to closely monitor the movement of the object. This kind of movement is achieved by using a digital signal processor used for processing the signal from the camera and a servomotor system that will move the camera to keep the track of the object. It uses high speed Blackfin DSP (32 bits 300MHz) and horizontal and vertical servo system. To understand the operation we can take the example of a cricket ball in the field. To track the ball DSP BF535 is loaded with the software written for the cricket ball that has the specification of the ball (size, shape and color). The system is first of all initialized with the starting position of the ball, which can be either stump.
                              The camera view    

The digital camera comes into action, as soon as the bowler throws the ball and keeps on calculating the coordinates of the ball with the help of special software written for the ball, after that it calculates the horizontal and vertical movement in the Professional camera to capture the ball. The signals corresponding to these movements are given to the motor system.
For proper operation the movement of the camera should be quick and smooth. The probability of detection is dependent on a number of things like angular speed, angular acceleration of camera, processing speed of DSP and the accuracy of the software used to calculate the coordinates of the ball. The tracking can be further improved by using more than one camera to capture the ball. The software is designed for a particular object and hence new software is required according to the object to be tracked.
The proper initialization of the camera is also important so that after tracking the camera comes into correct initial position. The bearing movement of the camera is 150o and vertical motion is Ė15o to +85o.This give the camera a large view area. The cameras are placed around the field so that they can capture the ball in the complete area of the field. As the cameras are working automatically the error due to any human negligence in eliminated. The camera makes the work of cameraman very easy, as now they donít have to move the camera to capture the picture.



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