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Last Updated: Jan 1 2004

 Tracking Camera
(Under Development at SK Dynamics, India)


SK Dynamics Pvt. Ltd. is a company dedicated towards the development of new products and technologies. It has won many national and international awards for its works in the field of embedded motor control system, gravity motor, electronic submersible pump, DSP based washing machine, inverter etc.

SKD is now developing a special camera called Tracking camera. The idea comes from the use of digital image processing for tracking the motion of an object. The power of digital image processing combined with the accurate motion control of the servo-system can make this camera possible. This is an extremely useful and powerful product for many applications especially in the field of Television Broadcasting. It offers great advantage of making the coverage of events like sports matches fully automatic. The camera will move without any manual help to keep the object (a ball in case of a match) under its view. A digital signal processor included in the tracking system controls the movement of camera.

The basic operation is to control the camera motion to capture the object in the field. The development of these cameras will help in the field of live telecast, and development of systems, which can provide constant image tracking. Although the cost of these camera will be higher than those of normal cameras but the number of Tracking camera required for good transmissions are significantly less than normal camera required. This reduces the overall cost of the system and makes the live broadcasting more economical. The use of tracking camera also reduces the chances of malfunction due to human negligence. The use of Tracking camera will improve the standards of live transmission at the same time reduce the cost of the system. The use of automatic cameras helps in quickly assessing the motion of any object so it can also be used in some other application which require tracking capabilities.

The development of such product has some technical problems to overcome such as the high speed and high acceleration required for Tracking. The synchronization between the movement of the ball and camera is important for proper tracking. If there is a delay in the movement the camera will loose view of the ball. The design of reliable software to identify the object, separate software are required to identify different objects and good mechanical design to sustain long periods of operation. The SKD is working towards achieving solutions for the technical difficulties involved in project and making an operational Tracking camera.


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