Motors and controls



Stepper and SRM

Image processing

Ethernet camera ,Scanning camera

3D Imaging system.

Embedded products:

Class-D Public address amplifier, audio visual, sinewave inverter.

Electro mechanical

Flying car/UAV/VTOL Toy, Electric bike,

Submersible pump

Vibration system

DSP based vibration controller with class D amplifier.

Research on gravity


Paper published in "Gravitation & Cosmology" proceedings,ICGA-5, 2001 .



PRODUCT & Technologies

[ Under Development / Commercialized ]

Image Processing System
Ethernet Camera - A low cost alternative to CCTV.

The Ethernet Camera is a network device controlled by an embedded Operating system using an integrated camera chip that captures the image and delivers live video. Advent of SKDís Ethernet Camera provides an easy solution for monitoring large areas by connecting these cameras via LAN HUB to PC. This enables direct video transfer to the computers on the network. Ethernet camera based on DSP technology has compact size, minimum power requirements and can be accessed from all the computers on the network.

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Tracking Camera - Automatically Tracks the Object

The design dawns from the use of digital image processing for tracking the
motion of an object. The power of digital image processing combined with
the accurate motion control of the servo-system makes this camera possible.
It serves by controlling the camera motion to trace the object in the field.
It is an exceedingly useful product in the field of television broadcasting
and development of systems providing constant image tracking.

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3D Vision System - A product that transforms 2D image to 3D.

3-D Imaging System provides a processed double image to the eyes i.e. the two eyes have a different picture to observe at any time Ďtí. This is accomplished by synchronizing the goggle shutters with the processed picture. This operation is very fast and the user does not realize it but in-effect gets a 3-D view.

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