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      Last Updated: Jan 1 2004

 Ethernet Camera
(Under Development at SK Dynamics, India)



S K Dynamics (SKD) was established in the year 1992 with the objective of pursuing unique, Hi-Tech R&D projects in the area of Electro-Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics) supported with complex DSP and Power Electronics. The history of SKD and its mentor declares the variety and blend of products stirred up by the market requirement. Even when computers were just entering India, CEO of SKD was involved in DSP projects.

The present proposal deals with Ethernet Camera developed by SKD.

The Ethernet Camera is based on DSP technology, which uses an integrated camera chip controlled by an embedded operating system. This Camera can be viewed from any computer on Network and is technically and application wise much different from the present day web camera as they can only be connected to a particular computer.

This technology opens new doors for the use of such camera at places where it was considered an expensive option, or at places where it was never thought that it can be used like Tele medicine, Security and Surveillance at Shopping complexes, Important buildings, Videoconferencing, Distant learning etc. The uses are limited only by one’s imagination many Business Organisation are looking at the prospects of using such technologies to keep there existing customers intact and also looking for new markets.

There is a possibility of feature Upgradation so advance technology continually can be added.


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