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      Last Updated: Jan 1 2004

 Ethernet Camera
(Under Development at SK Dynamics, India)

General Description


Ethernet Cameras are network devices with an embedded OS (Operating system) which delivers full-motion, live video. Flicker less video makes it ideal for many purposes like monitoring, security and surveillance, and showing live streaming videos on the computer.

With the advent of SKDís Ethernet Camera there is an easy solution for networking by connecting all cameras via LAN HUB to PC. So we can transfer the video data to the all computers connected to the network.

It uses the existing digital communication system (Internet or Intranet) to transfer videos from remote places to various computers on a system.

These cameras use the Internet protocol to transfer the digital video from a distant place to a computer. As they use the existing networks they utilize the resources better and are more efficient than Analog cameras. The cameras are provided the IP address and video can be viewed on browser by giving the IP address of the camera. These cameras are easy to install on the network, give good picture quality and have lower price than conventional CCTV. Further improvements can be made in the Ethernet Camera by changing the Ethernet with a RF module and this will make it a completely wireless device. So there is no need to worry about the presence of Internet or any other network.

This technology opens new doors for the use of such camera at places where it was considered an expensive option, or at places where it was never thought like Tele medicine, Security and Surveillance at Shopping complexes, Important buildings, Video Conferencing, Distant learning etc. The uses are limited only by oneís imagination .Many Business Organisation are looking at the prospects of using such technologies to keep their existing customers intact and also looking for new markets.


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