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      Last Updated: Jan 1 2004

 Ethernet Camera
(Under Development at SK Dynamics, India)



The SKD’s Network (Ethernet) Camera can be viewed through any standard web browser and, if assigned a public IP address, it can be viewed from any computer in the world with Internet access while standard web cams can only be viewed over the Internet with the help of expensive, third party software. Ethernet camera can be programmed for fully automated applications. This makes it an extremely user friendly device and needs little maintenance. The important features are:

• Connect to any Network port and view Live, Full Motion Video from any PC.
• Ideal for Monitoring Buildings, Offices, School, Day Care Centers.
• No special Software or Additional Hardware required.
• By simply typing the Camera IP address into browser and we can access the camera video.
• Motion Sensing Email Notification and Image recording is possible with Ethernet camera.
• Records Streaming Images or Snapshots on your PC.
• The recorded video can be used for image processing.
• They can be used in the field of Tele medicine, the doctors can use it to cure patients at remote places.
• The Ethernet camera has use in the field of distant learning the lectures can be transmitted through the camera.
• It can be used in the banks with ATM facility to monitor the user.



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