Motors and controls



Stepper and SRM

Image processing

Ethernet camera ,Scanning camera

3D Imaging system.

Embedded products:

Class-D Public address amplifier, audio visual, sinewave inverter.

Electro mechanical

Flying car/UAV/VTOL Toy, Electric bike,

Submersible pump

Vibration system

DSP based vibration controller with class D amplifier.

Research on gravity


Paper published in "Gravitation & Cosmology" proceedings,ICGA-5, 2001 .



PRODUCT & Technologies

[ Under Development / Commercialized ]


Electromechanical Products


Flying Car / Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) / VTOL Toy

SKD with vast experience in electromechanical engineering is now developing an ‘Electrical Transmission based Flying Car’ which is a VTOL vehicle, using highly efficient Brushless DC motors (BLDC).
The Company’s objective is to ultimately develop lightweight, high efficiency motors for Avionics Industry. Currently Prototype P7, which is an unmanned vehicle is being developed and is expected to undergo trails at low altitude soon.

Submersible Alternator

SKD is working on this alternator which when submerged in running water of a
river or stream would generate electricity for a household. In rural and mountainous regions of India, it provides a very good solution for individual household electricity requirement. It can charge a 24V battery. The depth of water is not very critical and it can work at places with low water Level.





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