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3-D Imaging System
(Under Development at S K Dynamics, India)


S K Dynamics (SKD) was established in the year 1992 with the objective of pursuing unique, Hi-Tech R&D projects in the area of Electro-Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics) supported with complex DSP and Power Electronics. The history of SKD and its mentor declares the variety and blend of products stirred up by the market requirement. Even when computers were just entering India, CEO of SKD was involved in DSP projects.
The present proposal deals with a 3D – Imaging System developed by SKD very recently based upon the rich, past experience in the area of Embedded Control, fast processing and Motor Control.
Talking about multi-dimensional visions, our movies and images are still 2D. Three-D imaging has always been a challenge and not yet accessible to the common computer user. SKD has taken strides in this field and has come up with a practical solution.
We are now launching our “3-D Imaging System” in the Global Market, which provides a very good 3-D view to the user at his own home on the PC, Laptop and TV.
This is a highly durable setup and also safe and convenient from the user point of view .The other techniques available in market for this purpose are Laser Holography and Projector using –45 and + 45  view angle. But both these techniques suffer from low resolution.
SKD’s 3-D Imaging system is an entirely new product ,based on Digital Signal Processing having a high resolution and at the same time a light and a portable setup . Our R&D team has successfully integrated the DSP technology (Hardware and Software) of this product. This technology has the unique capability to act as a communicator between the eye-goggles and the processed picture.
"The interesting part about the 3D Imaging System is that it is fully automatic and the user enjoys the 3-D movie at his home by just wearing the special eye-goggles”.
This can also be used in Industrial application as a welding goggles as explained in the proposal.
Features are continually being added and thus the technology will continue to improve along with the Image/ movie quality shared amongst users.




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