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3-D Imaging System
(Under Development at S K Dynamics, India)

General Description

 3-D Imaging System, meant for providing a 3D view, is based on providing a processed double image to the eyes i.e. the two eyes have a different picture to observe at any time ‘t’. This is accomplished by giving the processed picture signal to that side (left or right) of the goggle whose shutter is open at that particular moment, the other shutter being closed at that very moment.


This operation of closing and opening of the shutters is very fast and this change is not realized by the user but he in-effect gets a 3D view.


This mechanism is controlled  by the Processor which synchronizes the goggle’s shutter with the processed picture. Surely, still images can be handled by other processor but for moving images we have used a High speed, High memory Processor.


Control Block Diagram








Eye-Goggles worn by the viewer to                          Eye-Goggles easy to be handled
watch  3D





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