Text Box: High performance customized Motors & Controls





DSP BF532 based BLDC servo controller

Capacity 7 KW

Response up to 15 Hz for 7 electrical revolutions

Operative on 100 to 180V DC bus

Separate control supply 24V DC, 700 mA


Based on BLACKfin DSP, it is designed for high speed servo control in Military application.

The controller is connected to a compact servo actuator with peak capacity of 7 KW.

Both power stage and BLACKfin control are arranged into a small box of dimensions 250x98x90mm.


BLDC motor (12KW) with Integral Control

(for Aerospace applications)

         Power 12KW, Mass 19Kg with 3 Kg coolant inside

         Operative on 130 to 160V DC

         Duration 16 minute in vacuum

         Designed for Reusable launch vehicle to run hydraulic pump with

      load fluctuation of 0 to max, at 7 Hz response



DSP BF532 based dual motor controller

Controls 2 motors independently

Suitable for multi-axes control

High performance servo control

Capacity 150W each channel














DSP ADMC326-SKD1F based controller

Controls PMSM in sensorless mode

Operates upto 400 Hz electrical frequency

Built in PFC, Suitable for 1 hp rating

Suitable for 3 submersible pump

Text Box: Motors and Their Drives








Text Box:  
              Motors developed
         (for multiple applications)
         2-F 400 Hz Induction servo
         3-F 500 Hz induction motor for gyro application
         Sensorless PMSM 
         BLDC in normal, outer rotor and hub motor configuration